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OXJAM Charity Music Festival, Matlock 2013

For such a small town I always find there’s something exciting going off in Matlock. It has a fantastic Victorian Market, a real community with the shops down there and there’s always something to do and see whether it be the lovely buskers outside the coffee shops or a fun event in the park. So when we heard there was to be an event raising money for Oxfam we thought we had to tell you about it! From 30 th October – 2 nd November forget all about Halloween and Bonfire Night approaching, get yourselves to Matlock's Oxjam Music Fest. There’s events kicking off left right and centre and it’s all for a good cause. These guys want to raise at least £1,000 for Oxfam through the ‘Oxjam’ campaign that has swept the nation. It’s a great excuse to get out and see some local, fresh musical talent and help out a worthy cause at the same time. On Wednesday 30 th October head to the Monk Bar from 8pm as they have a great quiz and will be joined by Sweet Crumbs who will be there sell

Morclean GIVEAWAY & Matlock Golf Club

Morclean are pleased to announce their sponsorship of the Matlock Golf Juniors!  With the popularity of sports such as golf on the rise due to local talents such as Lee Westwood, and national talents such as Rory McIlroy, we can’t wait to see who has given the pro’s a run for their money at this years Prize Presentation Event in November! Speaking of golf, Morclean has today launched it’s very own golf themed giveaway/competition! It’s really really simple to enter, and you could win a round of golf for yourself at Matlock Golf Club worth up to £40! A great opportunity to try out God’s Back Garden as it is known! “Morclean Bear is playing at a really famous Scottish Golf Course… tell us where he is playing to enter the draw to win 1 of 4 free vouchers for a round of golf at Matlock Golf Club, Derbyshire – worth up to £40 each!!” Make sure you and your friends enter and who knows, you could end up winning all 4 tickets between you!! Worth a punt I’d say?! Just comment belo

A Day at Morclean... THE MOVIE

A few months ago this quirky little video came to light in our offices... it seems the Morclean Bear had a little fun when we all left for the evening and decided he was going to be a Movie Star for the afternoon, think Die Hard but more action, and you'll be about there... Check out the funny little video below, and share it around if it made you smile!

Morclean Hits the Jersey Shore!

It’s official, but it’s not what you think… Morclean has hit the Jersey Shore. Although glamorous, it wasn’t the MTV famed destination in the U.S.A- it was Jersey in the Channel Islands and in true British style the weather wasn’t quite there, which made it the perfect day for a bin-cleaning demo! Early Friday morning Keith, a member of our sales team, flew down to Jersey to take on the task of introducing our bin cleaners to the Channel Islands. It was pouring it down with rain and the flights were delayed but he was a man on a mission… The Wheelie Bin Washers we are talking about are trailer-mounted washers you can see in action here…  The bins are attached and raised up so there is no need to manually hold and steady the bins whilst they are cleaned. The bins are cleaned using the onboard pressure washer with dirt and debris caught on the metal tray below the bin. The water then falls through the filter to be recycled and used again. You can find out more information

A Huge Hello and A Fond Farewell

Just a quick little update and ‘goodbye’ to our old friend the 2012/13 Wheelie Bin Cleaning range, but a huge HELLO to the range which has been updated for 2013/14. Here’s a picture of our last white 2012/13 Wheelie Bin Cleaner leaving the office …  The 2012/13 Wheelie Bin Cleaner is being updated with a brand new improved design!  The Wheelie Bin Cleaning Range has been so successful and popular with Bin Cleaners all over the country that we have decided to update and develop the design to bring you the best in Wheelie Bin Cleaning technology! We will keep you updated on the 2013/14 Range, available from October 2013, which has many improvements and has been developed with the help from feedback of customers of ours. We have listened to exactly what they want. Stay tuned for the official pictures and release for the new range, coming in the next few weeks! Visit our websites for further information on the Bin Cleaning Range (2013/14)  http://www.morclean.c