A Huge Hello and A Fond Farewell

Just a quick little update and ‘goodbye’ to our old friend the 2012/13 Wheelie Bin Cleaning range, but a huge HELLO to the range which has been updated for 2013/14.

Here’s a picture of our last white 2012/13 Wheelie Bin Cleaner leaving the office … 

The 2012/13 Wheelie Bin Cleaner is being updated with a brand new improved design! 

The Wheelie Bin Cleaning Range has been so successful and popular with Bin Cleaners all over the country that we have decided to update and develop the design to bring you the best in Wheelie Bin Cleaning technology!

We will keep you updated on the 2013/14 Range, available from October 2013, which has many improvements and has been developed with the help from feedback of customers of ours. We have listened to exactly what they want. Stay tuned for the official pictures and release for the new range, coming in the next few weeks!

Visit our websites for further information on the Bin Cleaning Range (2013/14) http://www.morclean.com/wheelie-bin-washers.html

The Morclean Team

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