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September's Newsletter 2013

Morclean have just released a brand new machine - the Air-Tech. It is a Air Operated Vacuum Cleaner, and is capable of wet and dry pick-up. The Air-Tech is also available in Supercharged version, which has twin venturi, which will increase the vacuum even more than the original Air-Tech/1. For full specification and more information, please call or email us. Features and benefits of the Morclean Air-Tech/1 Standard and the Air-Tec/2 Supercharged • Works from plant air supply • Low maintenance and Low life time costs (no motors or fans to replace) • Syphons up to 45 gallon fluid in 24 seconds • Develops vacuum up to 3 times greater than normal industrial vacuums • Cleans up sumps, drains, elevator pits, blast furnaces, boiler flues, dust collectors and de-greasers • Capable of removing oil, sludge, sewage, swarf, food, slag, sand, turnings • Also available in twin venturi for extra power • Used extensively in mines, plants, oil rigs, foundries, chemica

Morclean Air-Tech

Air Operated Industrial Vacuum Cleaner Wet or Dry Pick Up Morcleans Air-Tech is perfect for the cleaning up of sumps, drains, elevator pits, blast furnaces, boiler flues, dust collectors and degreasers. It can easily remove oil, sludge, sewage, swarf, food, sand and turnings. Also available with twin venturi for even more power and suction. It has a capacity of 205 litres, so is ideal for industrial settings such as mines, plants oil rigs, or food processing. The Air-Tech/1 and Air-Tech/2 is low maintenance, low running cost and requires next to no installing or set-up.   Available now, call us for more infomation 01246 471147 or email

Power Pressure Washers - New from Morclean!

A couple of new machines now available from Morclean...  Mobile Cleaning Power on the Move The Contractor P200 is a mobile engine driven unit ideal for fitting to a van or trailer, and develops high temperature hot water on site. Housed within a sturdy steel frame the Honda driven engine independently develops 200 Bar (3000Psi) of hot water and can draw water from either a mains supply or portable tank. Spec:  Tough Cleaning Power for Industry The Washman Plus mobile hot water pressure washer offers the ultimate in performance from a portable machine. Housed within a sturdy steel chassis with stainless steel covers the Washman Plus produces a staggering 4350Psi of hot water at a flow rate of 21Lpm. For tough cleaning tasks this is a high specification machine for serious industrial operators.