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The GreyBox is Here - Our Newest Addition to the Morclean Vehicle Wash Range

The GreyBox   is an above ground partial water treatment system.Giving you an alternative to costly and inconvenient ground works and to eliminate excavation with minimal disruption for the installation of interceptors and tanks, NO FUSS OR MESS. The GreyBox is surface mounted system replacing the need for an underground “Permanent” interceptor, the GreyBox can be used with the Morclean Wash Pad or with your system where water is discharged to mains foul drain. This is Peter Morley’s (MD) of Morclean “Brain- Child" There is need for an alternative offer in the market place to help, guide and comply with legislation from the EA (Environmental Agency). The GreyBox ticks all the box’s and as a business we are excited, this has helped us open dialogue with a number of key players in the automotive market seriously looking at Morclean and our wash bay systems. Grey Box features: Can easily be moved if you relocate or move premises Easy to mainta

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Single Brush Vehicle Washing

Single Brush Vehicle Washing  Morclean offer a range of mobile single brush vehicle wash machines which have been designed to give you immaculate results in the most efficient way. Our features of the range not only makes vehicle washing easier but also acts as an environmentally-friendly alternative to big vehicle wash machines. Features/ Benefits:  • Built in water saving jets – little waste water is                                        Single Brush Range   created saving you time in the process.  • Easy to use - The operator drives the machine to                                          Morclean Drive align the brush against the vehicle allowing the  machine to reach  all parts of the vehicle. It is quick,                                          Morclean Glide and easy to guide around  vehicle corners. The ergonomic control handle ensures  stable                                                   Morclean Flite operation.  • Quick and efficient – Takes a