Single Brush Vehicle Washing

Single Brush Vehicle Washing 

Morclean offer a range of mobile single brush vehicle wash machines which have been designed to give you immaculate results in the most efficient way. Our features of the range not only makes vehicle washing easier but also acts as an environmentally-friendly alternative to big vehicle wash machines.

Features/ Benefits: 

Built in water saving jets – little waste water is                                       Single Brush Range 
created saving you time in the process. 

Easy to use - The operator drives the machine to                                         Morclean Drive
align the brush against the vehicle allowing the 
machine to reach all parts of the vehicle. It is quick,                                         Morclean Glide
and easy to guide around 
vehicle corners.
The ergonomic control handle ensures  stable                                                  Morclean Flite

Quick and efficient – Takes about 5 minutes to
 clean a 12m bus or lorry

Great features for best results - features frequency 
control brushes with reverse and decline functions,
detergent dispenser, waxing option, detergent 
dispenser, control box and splash brushes.

No cables getting in the way – We have a diesel 
or petrol engine driven machine or battery powered
with a 5 hour battery life

These machines require specialist transport so we have invested in a purpose built trailer with tipper action for safe and easy transportation. 

As well as ensuring you get the machine safely we also want you to feel confident in using it and ensure you use it to its full potential. We have a demo area and show room at Markham Vale Junction 29A giving you the chance to see how our machines at work and we also provide on site demonstrations anywhere in the UK

For any enquires please contact a member of our team on 01246 471147