The GreyBox is Here - Our Newest Addition to the Morclean Vehicle Wash Range

The GreyBox is an above ground partial water treatment system.Giving you an alternative to costly and inconvenient ground works and to eliminate excavation with minimal disruption for the installation of interceptors and tanks, NO FUSS OR MESS.

The GreyBox is surface mounted system replacing the need for an underground “Permanent” interceptor, the GreyBox can be used with the Morclean Wash Pad or with your system where water is discharged to mains foul drain.

This is Peter Morley’s (MD) of Morclean “Brain- Child"
There is need for an alternative offer in the market place to help, guide and comply with legislation from the EA (Environmental Agency).

The GreyBox ticks all the box’s and as a business we are excited, this has helped us open dialogue with a number of key players in the automotive market seriously looking at Morclean and our wash bay systems.

GreyBox features:

  • Can easily be moved if you relocate or move premises
  • Easy to maintain and empty, being above ground makes it easier to empty
  • Internal bag filter means oil removal and better filtration
  • Looks great, neat and tidy, aesthetically pleasing – can be customer facing/ front of house
  • Minimal installation and maintenance – quick to install and fix.
  • The system includes an oil filter, settlement tanks,four metres of inlet hose (from the wash pad) and 10 metres of outlet hose (to the drain).

Ideal for jet washing, car cleaning, valeting areas or busy car wash sites and is to be used in conjunction with a wash pad or wash area where water is discharged to a mains foul drain.

Morclean also have a wash pad range to accompany the GreyBox , all WashMan wash pads eliminate the need to install a permanent concrete wash pad, which is both more expensive and not always viable if the land is not freehold. Our range of wash pads include: 

Inflatable Wash Pads
for temporary and multiple locations.
Semi-permanent Wash Pads
for sites with a duration of two to three years.

Permanent surface mounted Wash Pads
for hostile or corrosive longer term applications.

For more information please contact:  01246 471147 or email: