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Business as usual...

Well it has been an exciting couple of weeks, with many sales flying out of the door!  Morclean have been all over the country recently, performing demonstrations of various machines to a variety of companies and businesses!  We recently sold a back pack battery operated Vacuum cleaner to a building services company. It is a large company that is responsible for maintaining many different buildings in large cities across the UK, such as hospitals, parliament buildings and studios. This sale, and the solid customer service they received, will hopefully lead to more sales as the business expands and demand is increased.  Our sales team has also been out to Birmingham, a company that deals in the steel industry. Morclean went to Birmingham for a site visit, to get a feel and idea of what machine would be most appropriate for the clients needs. One of our team then demonstrated a Vision Pro Scrubber dryer, and the client were so impressed they ordered two right away!  The Vi

The London Marathon 2013

The London Marathon Sunday was a glorious day for the London Marathon Runners - perhaps a little too hot for some! A record number of spectators were lining the streets to cheer on the runners, who collectively rose millions of pounds for many different charities.  Morclean were particularly backing our good friend Jennifer Haddon-Brown, who was completing her first marathon! Jennifer was raising money for Youth Hostel Association  (YHA) who do amazing things for young people. Click on the link to find out more.  Jennifer has so far raised over her target of £1000, but it doesn't have to stop there! Please donate any amount you can via Jennifers Just Giving  page. Just Giving is a safe and secure way of donating on-line. Jennifer had done an amazing feat, and everyone at Morclean is very proud of her achievement! Well Done Jen!  A well deserved medal for an inspirational challenge. 

'Bring on the Wall'

A friend of Morclean is in the process of a very commendable act of raising money for charity.  Specifically, three charities - Ashgate Hospice in Chesterfield, St Richards Hospice in Worcester and Cancer Research UK.  Tim Bestwick, along with friends and colleagues  are going to walk along the entire length of Hadrian's Wall. That's 84 miles to be completed in two days! Quite a feat, and all for three fantastic causes.  The idea was in honour and memory of Chris Edmonds, Debbie Bestwick and Colin Loveday, who all sadly passed away last year.   The events Just Giving page states " Our reason for choosing this event is that we know that Chris, Debbie and Colin were the sort of people who would have loved this type of challenge, and most likely would have been dragging us all round!"  Both of the hospices do really fantastic work, and we all know what brilliant and necessary work Cancer Research do. Please dig deep and donate whatever you can to the fund, £1

ISSA/Interclean 2013

ISSA/Interclean 2013 We mentioned in an earlier blog post , that it is the season for trade fares and exhibits! Another one that Morclean will be attending is ISSA/Interclean.  It takes place all over the world, and this April the venue is Warsaw, Poland. The ISSA/Interclean is such a huge organisation, a couple from the office went to the ISSA/Interclean in Amsterdam last year , and it was extremely beneficial.  The event takes place between the 24th and 26th April.  ISSA/Interclean is the leading cleaning industry world wide. There will be many visitors going, you can register for your ticket for free on their website .  ISSA/Interclean | 24, 25, 26 April 2013 | Warsaw, Poland 

Matlock Rugby Club Tour 2013

Morclean proudly sponsor our local rugby team. Every so often the rugby team go on a tour, and this time they invited Morcleans Director to go along with them! How could he decline - we saw photographic evidence of what they got up to last time!   This is the Matlock and Tupton Vets Tour 2013.  I t was a four night stay away in Competa near Malaga. They stayed in these lovely cabins and villas in a beautiful part of Spain.  There were 20 in the group altogether including our very own Peter Morley.   Morclean proudly sponsors the team - and they had brand new rugby shirts made just for the occasion,emblazoned with the Morclean logo. It was easy to spot team-mates in such a vivid colour!  They enjoyed sightseeing (and a few bars!) around nearby towns, in relaxation before the matches. They played two matches against local opposition in a Tri-Angular Tournament, with Velez Malaga RUFC Vets and Axarquia RUFC Vets. The tours are a great way of building