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Large order acquired for company pathing way in low carbon alternatives

We are proud to have supplied  a large range of our MEVA 45 ATEX machines to a large power station located near Selby, North Yorkshire. The global group is playing a vital role in helping change the way energy is generated, supplied and used as the UK moves to a low carbon future. The group has ordered in excess of 30 MEVA specialist air vacuums. 
The Morclean range of MEVA vacuum cleaners have been purposefully built as suitable to pick up potentially explosive and conductive dust and debris in a Dust zone 22. The vacuums have been designed , tested and approved specifically for the collection of hazardous materials. The Type H models are also suitable for picking up dust and debris that is hazardous to health in a Dust zone 22. Our team are always on hand to offer advice about the best vacuum cleaner for your needs, just pick up the phone and get in touch.

Composed by Claire Unwin- Marketing 

Bin Wash Evolution- The Custom Plus machine over the years

This 'Throwback Thursday' we're reflecting back on how far the Custom Plus bin wash machine has evolved from it's humble roots. Since the first trailer bin wash was launched we have been making improvements to both the body and specs to improve it's functionality and provide a machine that offers a powerful clean. We've not stopped making improvements and to this date we are currently on the fourth version of the machine.
The MK1 model MK1- The original machine featured a galvanised front cover and sides switches and offered 3 stages of filtration. Although basic compared to the Custom Plus model we have now, the original model provide a high power clean and a trailer that robust and easily towed. MK2- With a few cosmetic tweaks including a blue plastic cover, the second reinvention included the addition of a bottle holder and flat screws in the catchment tray. MK3- We took on board feedback and amended the switch which operates the lifting mechanism. Previously l…

Second MAV45 vacuum order goes to large confectionery company

A huge global confectionery company in Leicester have ordered their second ATEX Wet and Dry air vacuum from us after ordering their first one in December. The machine will be used in the factory to improve cleanliness and maintenance.

The MAV range of ATEX Wet & Dry vacuum cleaners are available in Dry Pick Up only versions, or Wet and Dry versions that can be converted to pick up either dry dust and debris, or non-inflammable liquids. 
All models are suitable for use in Gas Zone 1 and Dust Zone 21. All models are fully earth bonded and have an anti-static (conductive) vacuum hose and air supply hose. Every vacuum cleaner is individually tested and provided with its own test certificate for earth path continuity.
Visit our website to view the full range

ATEX Air Vac goes to large independent steel stockholder

Our latest Air Vac delivery has gone to one of the UK's largest independent steel stockholders.
The 55 gallon Twin Venturi Air Vacuum is the second machine to go to the steel suppliers and is being used to collect swarf. The company recognised the efficiency of the air-operated vacuum and ordered the second machine to help maintain the cleanliness of their factory.

The ATEX Air Operated vacuum cleaner is available in single and twin venturi specification and is ideas for vacuuming up chips, dust, debris, liquids, or sludge in many hazardous locations. It is powered fully by compressed air so gets rid of the need for electricity.

For further specifications or information please don't hesitate to contact Morclean on 01246 471147 where a member of our team will be happy to assist. You can also view our website. 

Paving, dirt, grime....elephants?

Today in the Morclean office we have received very positive feedback from a company who have been hiring pressure washers from us. In light of this we have been reflecting back on companies who we have previously supplied pressure washers to and have remembered the time we sent a warm wash unit to West Midlands Safari Park.

Back in September 2015 we were approached by the safari park to provide a medium pressure cleaner to help keep their elephant house clean. We were also surprised to learn that the elephants themselves would be making use of pressure washer and indulging in a nice warm wash from the machines.

The pressure cleaner provided an accurate temperature and detergent dosing system for use by the park and offered the nellies a very happy shower indeed. Sometimes pressure washers can be used for more than just cleaning pavements!

Morclean offer a broad range of pressure washers including hot, cold, engine driven and specialist models such as the 60hz. View the pressure washer…

Air Vac goes to leading manufacturer of bearings

The Morclean Air Vacs have been in high demand the past couple of months with shipments being made across Europe on a regular basis.

The most recent order to be placed for our ATEX Air Vacuums has been an order for one of the world's leading manufacturers of bearings and automotive steering systems. 

The Air Powered ATEX vacuum cleaner has a rugged die-cast aluminium, trigger operated, air vacuum gun. It can be used in the removal of almost any debris including glass, swarf, metal chippings, plastic particles, dust and powder. For fine dust or large volumes of debris the cloth bag can be replaced with a range of different size canisters and filtration systems. The Air Vacuum is part of the wide range of vacuums available at Morclean. We have a team of knowledgeable and experienced specialists who can advise you on the best model for your needs.  View our full range of Morclean vacuums onour website.

ISSA Interclean 2018

After the great success of the 2016 ISSA Interclean it comes as no surprise that we are attending the next installment due to take place in Amsterdam in 2018.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Amsterdam is the leading trade for cleaning and hygiene professionals worldwide. In 50 years the show has earned the international recognition as the number one exhibition of its kind, while developing a prestigious award for innovation and becoming a launch pad for thousands of product innovations with an incredibly high level or loyalty from global visitors and exhibitors.

The show has been so popular that the floor plan for the 2018 Interclean exhibition will feature the addition of an extra hall. We are proud to have already booked our stand space and will be demonstrating our range in Hall 1. 

The 2016 Interclean show saw 10 halls welcome 28,000 visitors from 45 different countries. The Interclean show is easily the industry's leading cleaning event and we can't wait for the 2018 event. As well as disco…

Vacuum spares goes to famous London restaurant

This week we have delivered some vacuum parts to one of the oldest restaurants in the UK.
The restaurant, located in Covent Garden, was established in 1798- making it the oldest restaurant in London. The prolific restaurant specialises in serving classic game cookery, oysters, pies and puddings.

As well as supplying our own machine parts we can source and deliver parts for other equipment and advise on alternatives.

If you're looking for accessories or equipment parts get in touch with us, we may be able to offer you a good deal. 

Tel:  01246 471147 Email: 

Wash pad and interceptor combi goes to clothes recycling centre

The latest wash pad and interceptor box dispatch  The latest wash pad and interceptor to be provided by Morclean has been to a company in Surrey that specialises in the recycling of used textiles, clothing and shoes. The organisation works with many UK local authorities, supermarkets, waste companies and clothing retailers to collect and recycle unwanted textiles. Every year in the UK approximately 2,000 tonnes of clothing and shoes are sent to landfill! 

Requiring equipment to aid in the washing and maintenance of their vehicle fleet, Morclean provided a permanent wash pad complete with the semi-portable Blue Box interceptor system which recycles the effluent produced and contributes to the green ethos of the company. 

The permanent surface mounted wash pad is a sealed bund made from a mixture of welded plastic and fibreglass panels, making a solid, impermeable and dedicated liquid containment area for tough applications. It is typically used in heavy duty environments where there i…

Intelligent cleaning system manufactured for prestigious global company

In one of our most recent projects we were approached on behalf of a prestigious blue chip and global company to design and manufacture a bespoke machine to aid in the cleaning of specialist components. The project was a very specialist application, and Morclean were able to  produce the unit  based on their expertise and experience in the automated machinery sector. The company required a system  that operated with pure de-mineralised water, and that could monitor the output of hot water used during cleaning in conjunction with an automated cleaning head.
The system was designed to prevent any downtime should a system failure occur. The fixed and cabinet mounted system would be placed in a very sensitive environment -  so it was important that the machine didn't emit any fumes and ran solely on electricity. 
After establishing clearly the company's requirement Morclean used their resources and knowledge to produce the below cabinet mounted system to aid in the effective and eff…

Interceptor travels to Northern Ireland

Morclean's latest export is an interceptor tank due to go to Northern Ireland. Situated in the foot of the Sperrin mountains on purpose- built premises, the company specialise in selling a wide range of used commercials that include tractor units, trailers, rigids and specialist vehicles. The tank will be used to collect effluent from the washing of large vehicles. 
We supply a comprehensive range of interceptors and separators which are used for vehicle washing, oil separation, forecourts and car parks. There are specific separators and interceptors for each individual project and we can offer advice for the appropriate model and specification based on your needs.  

Tanks can be made on a bespoke basis and adapted for different uses including where oil may need to be separated. This can be achieved by placing special filters with in the tank chamber.
For more information on our interceptors or the tanks available please feel free to get in touch and talk to one of our team on 01…

Plans underway for the 2017 Cleaning Show

The New Year has been and gone and now we're knuckling down to get ready for our exhibition stand at this year's Cleaning Show. The show is due to take place 14-16th March at the ExCel in London and  we'll be at stand number A07 demonstrating our latest Custom Plus Bin Wash machine.

The show is the place to go for all companies within the cleaning industry and every year boasts thousands of visitors. In 2015 they saw thousands of senior management with huge purchasing power attend to source new products, learn about the latest issues and opportunities and to network with the industry. Visitors came from all over the UK and Europe to attend the largest national dedicated cleaning and hygiene event.

The 2016 Cleaning Show
When Morclean last attended we had a great time and received numerous enquiries for our Bin Wash trailer which we took to demonstrate to the audience. Exhibitions are hard work but fun and the last show was no exception- we managed to appear on the BBC Breakfa…

Ten ATEX vacuums to be delivered to one of Europe's largest food companies

We have once again supplied a large range of ATEX vacuums to one of Europe's largest specialist food companies. The company's product range includes high quality rice, spices, sauces, oil, flour and noodles and supplies owners of Chinese and Indian restaurants and takeaways.  

The MEVA 20 industrial electric vacuum cleaner is suitable for picking up potentially explosive and conductive dust and debris in Dust Zone 22. All models are built using an electronically commutated brush-less motor featuring soft start and thermal protection. Each model in the range is equipped with three stages of filtration on the negative pressure (suction) side of the motor. Every model is supplied ready for use with a fitted plug, comprehensive instruction book and fool conductive tool kit. 
Ten of the MEVA 20 machines will be getting delivered to the North Yorkshire branch in the upcoming weeks. To find out more about the ATEX range of vacuums at Morclean or to seek advice please contact us at in…

Litter collectors fly over to Bahrain

Litter collector demand overseas  7 of the Morclean specialist litter collectors are currently on their way to Bahrain in in the Middle-East. The 240 litre Wheelie Vac machine is perfect for parks and large communal areas. The single user operated machine comes with an optional capacity of either 120 litres or 240 litres and an optional all-terrain wheeled trolley support. 
The versatility of the Wheelie Vac allows the operator to go literally anywhere and collect rubbish. 

Find out more about the litter collector range and Morclean

A Fresh New Year at Morclean

2016 has been a monster of a year here at Morclean with new changes happening left, right and centre.  We’ve seen many developments both to the internal team and the vast product range we offer and have even picked up a few awards on the way. We’ve met new faces at shows around the continent, and also have made sure we’ve stayed grounded and done our part for local businesses and lent a hand at community events. Here at Morclean we enjoy attending shows tailored to our industry and meeting like-minded business folk and discussing ideas. This year has been no different and we have attended the Cleaning Show in Manchester and the ISSA Interclean in Amsterdam, in which we had a great success demonstrating our Bin Wash machine and strumming up leads. A few of our personal highlights are below. Selling two Bin wash machines before the Cleaning Show’s official opening time Our Green Apple award-winning Bin wash machine made quite a stir at the Manchester Cleaning Show in April. The event do…