Intelligent cleaning system manufactured for prestigious global company

In one of our most recent projects we were approached on behalf of a prestigious blue chip and global company to design and manufacture a bespoke machine to aid in the cleaning of specialist components. The project was a very specialist application, and Morclean were able to  produce the unit  based on their expertise and experience in the automated machinery sector.

The company required a system  that operated with pure de-mineralised water, and that could monitor the output of hot water used during cleaning in conjunction with an automated cleaning head.

The system was designed to prevent any downtime should a system failure occur. The fixed and cabinet mounted system would be placed in a very sensitive environment -  so it was important that the machine didn't emit any fumes and ran solely on electricity. 

After establishing clearly the company's requirement Morclean used their resources and knowledge to produce the below cabinet mounted system to aid in the effective and efficient cleaning process.

The machine operates with pure de-mineralised water and features a smart computer. Fully PLC controlled, the system  has its own intelligence and self-diagnostic system which recognises when a fault occurs and switches the machine’s critical components to  a back up system so there is no disruption to service.

A logic panel also recognises when there is a faulty heating element in the system and automatically overrides  the fault - which was deemed to be invaluable when downtime is critical within the clients  production cycle.  

The machine is similar to Morclean’s  LoFlow pressure washer in the respect  that is highly ecological and no fuel or detergent is needed for use. Being electrically operated the machine is friendly to the environment and suited to the sensitive setting in which it will be placed. 

The machine will be getting carefully packaged and delivered this month. We are proud to have been offered the opportunity to produce this machine and supply equipment to such a prestigious and well-established global company.

As well as supplying industrial cleaning equipment, Morclean are also able to offer bespoke solutions and innovative ideas to increase the efficiency of a range of systems, including the production of new equipment to meet specialist needs.

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