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Help us steal that crown!

We received a very exciting envelope in the office last week... our official Certificate of Recognition for making it as finalists in the Tomorrow's Cleaning Awards! Our Certificate of Recognition Everyone at Morclean HQ are thrilled to have our new Custom 40 Bin Wash machine land us a spot as finalists and we all have our fingers securely crossed in the hope of taking the crown of winner! Don't forget to cast your vote for us ... if you need convincing, have a read of just some the fantastic features this new machine has!  If you haven't heard, in October last year, Morclean celebrated our 40th year of trading and to mark this joyous occasion, we decided to add a brand new bin wash machine to our fleet. Not only does this bin wash have all of the fantastic features of our best seller and customer favourite, Custom Plus, but the Custom 40 has a whopping 8 stages for water filtration and uses smart technology to re-filter the water when the machine in