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Morclean Installation Projects - Catering for All Your Needs

Aside of providing floor care, high pressure cleaners, vapour steam machines, scrubber dryers, sweepers and specialist vacuums, we install drive through lorry washers, vehicle wash pads, interceptors, water recycling equipment, and more. Morclean Interceptors Morclean caters to all vehicle wash needs, from car valeting equipment all the way up to industrial lorry wash systems, water reclaim and automatic bush wash systems. We also provide a comprehensive range of interceptors and separators, including those used for vehicle washing, oil separation, forecourts and car parks. There are specific separators and interceptors for each individual project and Morclean can offer advice for the appropriate model and specification.  Morclean Wash Pad Our installation projects have taken us all over the country, and even overseas. Following a successful 2019, we’ve recently been tendering for work to take us into 2020 - taking levels, surveying, assessing and marking o
With our installation projects taking us up to the end of the year, we’re also looking forward to a busy and welcome start to 2020. Having secured an exciting new project, which is programmed in for a January 6th start date, the works will be taking place in Newcastle Port of Tyne. This will involve excavating for our supply of new silt traps, interceptors and a pumping station, then reinstating with a new 100M2 concreted wash pad, jet wash, side screens and cladding. The Port of Tyne site comprises of the commercial docks on and around the River Tyne in Tyne and Wear in the northeast of England, and the wash bay will be used for the washing of heavy-duty plant, machines, excavators, 360's, etc. The final piccy in this line up is the type of machine we'll be using to do the work, and what will be cleaned on the wash pad after we've done! We are thrilled to have secured this work and are looking forward to a positive start to the new year 👍 Let’s innovate! hashtag