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ISSA Interclean 2012

Amsterdam, here we come! Between 8-11 May, Peter and Peter from Morclean  are on their trip to ISSA Interclean. For the cleaning industry, this is the largest international trade fair. It provides an expansive overview of the very latest developments in professional cleaning. It will be hugely interesting, as there will be many new products and machines to behold and even educational seminars to go to! Register now on their website  for a FREE entrance ticket. Taking place at the RAI Halls, Amsterdam. 8-11 May, 2012.

Wheelie Bin Wash and Lift

How about this for a business idea? Start your own business, so very easily, with Morclean's Wheelie Bin Wash and Lift. Have a look at some interesting facts about our NEW washing product, available now!

The Cleanzine

The folks from  Cleanzine  have talked about our Harry Hill mention on their website. This spoof was derived form Dominic Littlewood speaking of our Vacuum pack on a BBC show.

Marketing Assistant Arrives

New Job at Morclean, Day One! I am the new Marketing Assistant at Morclean, and am excited to be here today! I'm looking forward to working in this lovely office. I've been researching and familiarising myself with the  Morclean Website  and even had a giggle at  Harry Hill  over on Morclean's  YouTube Channel .  Can't wait to get stuck in to my ever-expanding To-Do List! Let's get cracking.