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The Planet-Loving Way to Remove Graffiti & Gum

The Planet-Loving Way to Remove Graffiti & Gum As the way, we treat our planet is becoming more of a problematic the topic each year, it’s important that we all do our bit to be kinder to our home; it is the only one we have after all. One of the issues that we, as a society, need to address, is the way that we approach cleaning. We all love that feeling of getting stuck in and our hands dirty with a good clean and sometimes it’s absolutely necessary, but do we ever stop and really think about all of the harmful chemicals and solvents that we’re voluntarily polluting our air and water supply with? Graffiti removal is one of these necessities . Of course, nobody likes to see vulgar words or images largely spray painted on to buildings, bridges or statues, nor does anyone want to see it.  So, what do we do? We load up our equipment with our noxious graffiti removal spray in hand and get to work scrubbing it down to the brick-like it never happened. But it did happen, an

Bear Cleaning Wins 'Start-Up of the Year' Award at ‘The 2019 Worthies’

Bear Cleaning celebrates roaring success at ‘The Worthies’ A wheelie bin cleaning service using a Morclean BinWash machine, has won ‘Start-Up of the Year’ at The Worthies – an annual award ceremony that honors the people and the businesses who help put the ‘worth’ into Kenilworth.   Husband-and-wife team Ted and Kate Hunter founded Bear Cleaning Ltd in October 2017. They have since cleaned thousands of domestic and commercial bins with the support of Kate’s father, Martin Openshaw. The coveted ‘Start-Up’ trophy was presented to the entrepreneurial couple at the Chesford Grange Hotel on Thursday, 23 May during an event hosted by award organisers Kenilworth Chamber of Trade. “We were in it to win it and I truly believe we manifested our success!” says Kate, who is a former social worker. “Everything Ted and I do is for our three boys: Dylan, Tom, and Archie. We have given up our secure public sector jobs and invested everything we have into making Bear Cleaning the go-