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Biscuit Time

THIS exciting looking package arrived on my desk this morning.  What could be inside? Wow, what a treat we had in-store for us! The fantastic Pink Cake Box  have made us these fabulous Morclean biscuits! Individually packaged, tied with a neat little bow, these really are a wonderful Christmas gift for us all at the office.  Our MD, Peter Morcey,  was particularly impressed with them. Look at our logo on the super-thick, delicious icing! This is very clever baking.  Thanks Pink Cake Box! Have a look at her website for more information, and some mouth-watering inspiration! 

Bear With Me

Morclean Bear at Work: The Movie is out and now available to watch on YouTube.  He really is a great help here around the office. Superb telephone etiquette and pretty handy with the fork truck!  Please like and share the video!  And, if you want a bear (and why wouldn't you?) see this post here  or here about how to get your paws on one. 

Christmas Opening Times for Morclean

Chrismas is just aroud the corner.  Do you feel Christmassy yet? We do, as you can see by our lovely Christmas blog logo .  Just to let you know, we close on Friday 21st Dec at 5pm and re-open Wednesday 02nd January at 8am.  Emails will still be being monitored during this time, so if anything urgent arises please email and someone will get back to you. 

Delicious Dale Divas and Curry 7th Jan 2013

We hope you enjoyed Katie the Singer Performing last Thursday.  Now, pop 7th Jan in your diary for this event, catered by Maazi. Delicious Buffet style Curry provided by Maazi Restaurant in Matlock plus members of Dale Diva chorus (winners of Chanel 5's 'Don't Stop Believing') will be there to sing for you, there will also be a Bar & Raffle! This Charity Night is to raise funds f or Voluntary Services Overseas (VSO). Kristiana Shirley has been selected to go to Rajasthan In India on the 18th January 2013 with VSO; she'll be working with mother's and babies on the Maternal & Child health Projects. Please read more about Kristiana's story  here .  You can donate on the JustGiving website directly to Kristiana. They do not take a cut of the donation, it's free, easy and they do not bombard you with emails either. To book for this charity event please call Sharon or Kristiana on   01629 57638 or 07940 837 948 / 07707 251 747  or email   ssh

Bears in Coats

You may have already seen the Morclean bear ! Here is a little drawing of him. Maybe YOU could doodle your way to having one of your very own! Email in you reason why you deserve a bear! Tell us a sentence or two, or send us in a drawing or some other creative artefact made by you or your friends or family. It's easy! It will make you feel good AND you get a super cute Morclean bear to show for it! Just in time for Christmas.  Twitter: @morclean         Facebook: Morclean         Pinterest:         Blog:         Email: Send in your pictures as well, we will add them to our ever expanding photo album .

The Tale of the Morclean Bear

The Tale of the  Morclean Bear The Morclean Bear has arrived to the office! Complete with a trusty Morclean-blue raincoat, Bear is truly prepared for the winter weather here! Brrrr! We are giving away 100 Morclean Bears! Read on for details on how to get your hands on one. We have a limited run of just 100 of these lovely honey bears to give away as a little treat! They will never be available again - once they’re gone, they’re gone! So if you would like a well-dressed new friend, here is all you have to do... How to get hold of a Morclean Bear MAKE US SMILE! Simply tell us why you, your family member, friend or child would like one, and a reason WHY they should receive a little parcel in the post! There is no limit for reasons, no right or wrong, it’s entirely up to you to tell us why! (Please note - grown-ups can have a bear too!) Any reason could be worthy - have you or someone you know done well in an exam? Are they just a kind and lovely person? Pa