Delicious Dale Divas and Curry 7th Jan 2013

We hope you enjoyed Katie the Singer Performing last Thursday. 
Now, pop 7th Jan in your diary for this event, catered by Maazi.

Delicious Buffet style Curry provided by Maazi Restaurant in Matlock plus members of Dale Diva chorus (winners of Chanel 5's 'Don't Stop Believing') will be there to sing for you, there will also be a Bar & Raffle!

This Charity Night is to raise funds for Voluntary Services Overseas (VSO). Kristiana Shirley has been selected to go to Rajasthan In India on the 18th January 2013 with VSO; she'll be working with mother's and babies on the Maternal & Child health Projects. Please read more about Kristiana's story here
You can donate on the JustGiving website directly to Kristiana. They do not take a cut of the donation, it's free, easy and they do not bombard you with emails either.

To book for this charity event please call Sharon or Kristiana on 
01629 57638 or 07940 837 948 / 07707 251 747 or email

In December 2013 Kristiana will be running 5k dressed as Santa Claus,  (white fluffy beard included of course!)

Kristiana is doing this to raise much needed finds for a charity that she supports;  Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO). If you think that you would like to witness this ONCE IN A LIFETIME event of seeing Kristiana attempting to run a race in a Santa costume then she NEEDS your support! All donations will be greatly appreciated whatever the amount you can spare. Every little helps and it is really going to an amazing cause!

VSO sends people and their skills (rather than money) to some of the world’s poorest communities to ensure that any change to improve people’s quality of life is sustainable and integrated into existing systems, communities and societies.

“A world without poverty, where excluded and marginalised women and men have a choice and an opportunity to participate effectively in society, have enough to feed and clothe their families, have access to education and healthcare services, land on which to grow food or a job to earn a living.” (VSO's goals)

What will Kristiana be doing?
Kristiana has  recently been selected as a VSO volunteer, so she’s  off to India in January where she will be working on a Maternal and Child Health Care project for 3 months. Health and Nutrition statistics in India are still alarming: infant mortality is at 57 per 1000; maternal mortality rate is 230 per 100,000. The new VSO India strategy will increase access to health and nutrition services through effective delivery of schemes such as NRHM. This work is critical because it can help provide aid to those who need it the most. 

Why India?

General statistics on development in India mask extreme inequality and a vast disparity of access to opportunities. The rapid rise of a thriving middle class conceals the startling statistic that India is still home to one third of the world’s poorest people. Further, research indicates that a quarter of the population go to bed hungry and one million women still die every year in childbirth. Inequality is particularly significant, with a staggering estimate of over 60 million people living in slums. Exclusion of marginalised groups is a major issue in understanding poverty. Tribal communities, women, people with disabilities and Muslim minorities are all over-represented amongst the poor and systematically discriminated against and excluded.

VSO India works for the poorest and most marginalised and vulnerable sections of society. They aim to build and support an active and dynamic volunteering base and specifically focus on supporting women, people with disabilities and other minority groups. 

So Kristiana has  around 6 weeks to raise £800, so please dig deep and donate for a great charity. Come and enjoy a fantastic evening out in the process!