The Tale of the Morclean Bear

The Tale of the Morclean Bear

The Morclean Bear has arrived to the office! Complete with a trusty Morclean-blue raincoat, Bear is truly prepared for the winter weather here! Brrrr!

We are giving away 100 Morclean Bears! Read on for details on how to get your hands on one.
We have a limited run of just 100 of these lovely honey bears to give away as a little treat! They will never be available again - once they’re gone, they’re gone! So if you would like a well-dressed new friend, here is all you have to do...

How to get hold of a Morclean Bear


Simply tell us why you, your family member, friend or child would like one, and a reason WHY they should receive a little parcel in the post! There is no limit for reasons, no right or wrong, it’s entirely up to you to tell us why! (Please note - grown-ups can have a bear too!)

Any reason could be worthy - have you or someone you know done well in an exam? Are they just a kind and lovely person? Passed a driving test? Prepared a particularly dazzling meal? Done well at school? Made a pretty cake? Decorated the Christmas tree with panache? The list is endless.

Another way is to send us a picture you have made to brighten up our walls at the office, or write a story or a poem about a Morclean Bear. That’s a great reason in itself to be worthy of a little bear!

Anything you feel that will make us smile, and the Morclean office will pick the best reasons and pack up a Bear and send safely on their way!

When you receive your Morclean Bear

We want you to take a picture of your very own Morclean Bear. How and where is up to you, Mr/Mrs Photographer! Get creative. Then post the picture on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram or email it over to us. All we want you to do is say you have received your Morclean Bear, and why you were sent it.

When posting on social media sites, you could use the hashtags #morclean and #morcleanbear, and/or mention us in the post!

There are many ways to get in touch -
       FacebookFacebook: Morclean

Please note:
1. There are JUST 100 of these being made, and they will never be available again! So once they’re gone, they’re gone! Apologies if you do not make the first 100.
2. Only one Morclean bear per household
3. The Morclean Bear is 5” complete with a removable jacket. Please note a responsible adult should check that it is suitable for the person it is being given/posted to.
4. Sorry but any stories/pictures/poems can not be returned unless you pop a SAE in with them.
5. All Morclean Bears will be posted out from Morclean to the address supplied, providing it’s a complete UK mainland address with a post code. We unfortunately cannot post overseas.