Matlock Rugby Club Tour 2013

Morclean proudly sponsor our local rugby team.

Every so often the rugby team go on a tour, and this time they invited Morcleans Director to go along with them! How could he decline - we saw photographic evidence of what they got up to last time! 

This is the Matlock and Tupton Vets Tour 2013. 

It was a four night stay away in Competa near Malaga. They stayed in these lovely cabins and villas in a beautiful part of Spain. 

There were 20 in the group altogether including our very own Peter Morley. 

Morclean proudly sponsors the team - and they had brand new rugby shirts made just for the occasion,emblazoned with the Morclean logo.

It was easy to spot team-mates in such a vivid colour! 

They enjoyed sightseeing (and a few bars!) around nearby towns, in relaxation before the matches. They played two matches against local opposition in a Tri-Angular Tournament, with Velez Malaga RUFC Vets and Axarquia RUFC Vets. The tours are a great way of building team morale and strong bonds, which leads to better playing!    

Peter Morley (left) and members of the Rugby Club.

There were a long and detailed set of rules that ALL the guys had to follow - no exceptions! If not followed they had to succumb to a penalty fine (there was an appointed Judge and everything!) One of these rules was to arrive to the tour in clothing purchased on a strict £15 budget form Charity Shops only. I think they did marvellously on such a tight budget, very creative! 

The village looks beautiful, and we are really glad that the guys had such a good time on the rugby tour, and all got home in one piece! That's what you call responsible shenanigans. The Morclean Shirts look great as well!