'Bring on the Wall'

A friend of Morclean is in the process of a very commendable act of raising money for charity. 

Specifically, three charities - Ashgate Hospice in Chesterfield, St Richards Hospice in Worcester and Cancer Research UK.  Tim Bestwick, along with friends and colleagues  are going to walk along the entire length of Hadrian's Wall. That's 84 miles to be completed in two days! Quite a feat, and all for three fantastic causes. 

The idea was in honour and memory of Chris Edmonds, Debbie Bestwick and Colin Loveday, who all sadly passed away last year.  

The events Just Giving page states "Our reason for choosing this event is that we know that Chris, Debbie and Colin were the sort of people who would have loved this type of challenge, and most likely would have been dragging us all round!" 

Both of the hospices do really fantastic work, and we all know what brilliant and necessary work Cancer Research do. Please dig deep and donate whatever you can to the fund, £1 to £100 all makes the difference. 

The walk is taking place on the 22nd and 23rd of June, so we need all the donations we can to push them to their target in time!

Please visit the Just Giving page for this amazing feat! Do your good dead for today! Just Giving is an entirely safe site, it takes just a minute or two to enter the details (I just did it in  a flash!) They do not send you emails or pass on your details to third parties. 

Good luck guys!