Ironic Graffiti Art... moving on from the politics...

As soon as I stumbled across this story I knew it would be one you would all like to hear. We all know that graffiti can be unsightly, and sometimes just inappropriate but there are some graffiti artists out there worthy of a wall or two to brighten up or spread a  message - people like Banksy would be the most obvious choice, but there are other graffiti artists out there including an artist by the name of DS.

graffiti art, graffiti artist, graffiti removalgraffiti removal, removing graffiti, street art, removal, councilsGraffiti artist DS hit the news earlier this year with his Hello Kitty 'turned bad' creations. After he stenciled one onto a building in London, only to see it removed less than 24 hours later, he decided to spread a bit of graffiti irony. He decided to graffiti the same wall with the image of the graffiti remover... making this graffiti remover infamous!

(photos are copyright of the Caters News Agency - we do not own any of the photographs)

A really clever idea and I'm sure the remover was flattered... we're not too sure how quickly he removed this peice, but we're guessing he left it up there for a little longer so he could get his 15 minutes of fame!

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