Clean Green Graffiti

A couple of weeks ago I did a blog post introducing you to a new 'clean' graffiti method - reverse graffiti. The method consists of using a stencil over either a pavement, wall or other 'dirty' surface and pressure washing your company's logo or a message/picture of some sort onto it. The method is widely used by company's all over the world as it is a legal form of graffiti.

We were going to experiment with the method but due to the ever changing weather conditions, it hasn't been particularly safe to be doing so! So, here's a little something I created on Photoshop to give you a good idea of how this marketing technique can be used effectively!

Morclean specialise in industrial and commercial cleaning equipment including vacs, air vacs, h-type vacs, litter picking vacs, vapour steam, pressure washers, steam cleaners, bin wash trailers, graffiti and gum removal machines, housings and kiosks and many other areas including vehicle valeting bays and interceptors.


  1. supply their products to a wide range of customers including : smaller janitorial companies, schools, churches, hotels, restaurants , bars, cleaning companies and domestic consumers.


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