Our Most Powerful Steam-Only Machine is flying over to the Philippines

It is always an exciting time for Morclean when we get enquiries from businesses abroad who have heard about the strong range of products we offer. We take great pride in supplying overseas and extending the reach of the Morclean brand.

Our latest product to adventure overseas is our Vision Steam VPX 3500 machine which will be travelling over 6,000 miles to the Philippines. The client are a g
lobal maritime services group specializing in the provision of general ship supplies, stores, spare parts and leading technical maritime brands. 

About the Vision Steam VPX 3500:

The most powerful steam only machine in the range ideally suited for factories, industrial outlets and chewing gum removal.

 Using dry steam and a suitable environmentally friendly cleaning agent, chewing gum can be removed quickly and completely.

This process is equally applicable to external surfaces such as pavements, concrete and natural stone and internal surfaces like matting, carpets and furniture.