2017 has been a great year for Morclean so far and we have lots of innovative and forward-thinking ideas in the mix. Peter Morley, Managing Director of Morclean, speaks about one of our more recent ideas, the Emergency and Spill Response Van. 

This vehicle is designed especially for emergency clean up’s and will efficiently aid in dealing with many problems such as emergency vehicle cleaning, trauma and crime scene cleaning, sewage, flood water and street cleaning, bird dropping removal, odour removal, void property cleaning and many more. 

Peter Morley said:

“We recognise that there is an established need for an efficient and self-contained solution, though we have looked at this from a different angle and taken a more innovative approach. Now we need feedback from potential clients”.

Whilst still in the testing stages of this system, we would really like to hear your thoughts and feedback on this concept. So, here’s a bit more information on the innovative idea and answers to some of our frequently asked questions.

This ordinary looking prototype will produce 1500psi of hot water, which is basically like a jet wash/steam cleaner, but without the additional engine, battery or generator.

There will also be no secondary fuel tank, we will simply use the existing energy from the van to power the machine (along with an integral water tank and detergent supply), which will result in a quieter and easier to use, mobile machine.

“Without self-contained system, there’s no generator, no 2nd engine, no trailer to tow, and no additional power, so we can help operators by providing a much quieter and faster option”

Is there a need for PTO’s? 
As you're no doubt aware, PTO's (Power Take Off’s) have been around for years and more commonly seen on tractors and farming machinery, but with this system, there will be no need for a PTO. 

Yes, the van is running instead of a smaller engine, but this is much quieter and there is no need for a secondary fuel tank or the need to carry fuel, which will also free up a lot of space. 

“We looked at the current systems on the market and thought… there’s already sufficient energy in the vehicle - so why duplicate it? Why waste that energy?  And now we have a quieter and more efficient solution”

So, what are the current options?
Presently you can use an engine driven hot water pressure washer/steam cleaner, we sell these already, but that means another engine and it's a fair-sized machine, so not as easy to transport.

Even a smaller compact steam cleaner needs a fair-sized generator of some 5KVA or thereabouts, and again, another engine and more valuable space. We can already do this with Li-ion batteries but the cost, weight and space outweighs the advantages

Tell us what you think…
The system is still currently being tested and Morclean would love to hear your thoughts on this before taking it to market. 

Morclean are hopeful that this system will help businesses across the UK to quickly and efficiently manage spills, saving potential fines and preventing damage to the environment.

Like most new ideas it was developed out of something else, and stemmed from another similar project. But it just might be a great idea and that what we're shouting about today, to simply ask your opinions. 

Please get in touch with Peter today at info@morclean.com