The New Silt Trap Range

Silt traps are designed to provide a sump for
collecting wash water and is typically placed
in the centre of a wash bay so that the wash
water falls to one collection point.
Placed prior to the interceptor a silt trap collects larger debris and can be accessed via a hinged galvanised grating for easy manual emptying. 

As well as a collection point the silt trap collects debris and prevents excessive silt entering the

The water from the wash bay can be collected in a silt trap. The GRP structure contains the water and is fitted with an outlet for connection to a mains foul drain via the interceptor.
The capacity of this silt trap is suitable for lighter
use and the cleaning of most vehicles. The
Morclean Silt Trap Lite comes complete with a
B125 Medium Duty galvanised hinged grating. 

larger silt trap with more capacity is also available
from Morclean, please ask for more information
on the Morclean Silt Trap Heavy Duty.

Please contact Morclean for any more information on this product. 0800 1300 402.