BinWash City - Five Facts

As I'm getting to grips with everything Morclean on my second day, I'm still being blown away at how impressive the Binwash City project is and how environmentally friendly it is. So I thought while I'm doing my research I would run over some interesting facts.

  • The machine is virtually silent... No noise complaints! 
  • Binwash City is also Carbon free and gives out no fumes.
  • So yes the service you would provide would be totally Green. 
  • The Binwash switches to standby when not in use. So you save on battery power to keep costs down. 
  • Water is filtered and ready to be re-used throughout the day. Let's Recycle. 

I'm taking it that you have read today's post about the International Green Apple Awards? well this is the Machine that won the award. If you haven't you can go view the post here

Please contact Morclean email here or call  01246 471147  if you have any further queries and need more info

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