Steam Cleaner?

What do you think of when you hear the word Steam Cleaner?

To be honest before I started working at Morclean the only vision I had was of a small vacuum style steamer you would use in maybe your kitchen or bathroom, but oh was I wrong as there's a whole range of them.  

At Morclean we have different types of Steam Cleaners, so here I'm going to run through the details of each kind of Steam Cleaner.


  • All dry steam cleaners have a low volume
  • Supply steam and water with an element so no need for fuel
  • Clean low emission boiler so can be used inside 
  • Run from a 250v or a 415v
  • Suited to detail cleaning internally or where fuel is a problem
  • All electric low volume vapour steam cleaners 

  • Medium volume 
  • Electrically driven and oil fired steam cleaner 
  • Supply heat and water from an oil such as Diesel
  • The steam production is high so can be used as wet or dry steam 
  • Suited to large surface cleaning with two outlets 

  • Often referred to as steam cleaners but not so 
  • Run from 240v or 415v 
  • Supply and heat the water with an oil fire burner such as Diesel 
  • Generally used outside with a jet pressure of 90ºC

  • Supply heat and water from an all electrical element 
  • Low fumes so can be used inside
  • Some can produce wet steam of up to 150ºC
  • The hot water production is a higher volume but lower temperatures 
  • A jet of high pressure is produced at 80ºC

If you stop by this blog next week we have a NEW model to introduce to you, how exciting!  

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