The Future of the Cleaning Industry

The cleaning industry faces some changes this year with new health and safety laws with tougher guidelines (online guide) and new products, equipment and laws as the need to address global pollution rates.

Prominent in the The Global Risks Report 2016 are environmental risks such as failure of climate change, which is considered the most potentially impactful risk and the third most likely, with water crises, biodiversity loss and ecosystem collapse rising up the list of concerns. Environmental worries have been at the forefront in recent years reflecting a sense that climate change related risks have moved from hypothetical to a great concern. Unless current water management practices change significantly, many parts of the world will therefore face growing competition for water between agriculture, energy, industry, and cities. 

The world is made up of 70% water so why are we facing a water crisis? 

Only 2.5% of the worlds water is fresh water with 80% of that being used in agriculture! With the current world population at 3.7 billion and going up at 110 million people per year the 2.5% of fresh water is soon going to rapidly go down if we do not do something about it! 

For the cleaning industry this means finding new ways of cleaning potentially dry chemicals, new ways to filter grey water, developing new systems etc. 

Morclean are already on it! Having received the green ambassador award two years running, Morclean have been further developing new systems focusing on water saving, durability and producing zero emissions and carbon footprint. The new ThermaFlow range of high pressure washers are efficient and ecological, no fuel or detergent is needed and they use 75% less water than diesel operated pressure washers. 

Dates to have in your diary for 2016 

Morclean will be launching the new Bin Wash range for 2016 at The Manchester Cleaning
Show.Bringing unique and innovative ideas to ensure the products perform to the highest standards whilst being extremely efficient, water saving and eco friendly. The new features will be making waves in the cleaning industry, with previous ranges winning multi awards. 

With over 1000 registered to attend the event promises to offer a wide range of products and services for anyone with responsibility for cleaning, hygiene or facilities management. 

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