Help shape the North American Bin Wash

Our Bin Wash machines are something of a prized gem for the Morclean team. They’ve helped to spearhead our expansion in Belgium, Holland, Israel, Australia and more. It’s a product we’re truly proud of.

But that doesn’t mean we think they’re untouchable – we’re looking to move to North America and expect some tweaks to be made, which means we need to hear from you.

Help make one of our most successful products even bigger and better… a success story that you can capitalise on!

The product provides an entry into the lucrative trash can cleaning market – meaning you can become your own boss and take home the profits that you deserve. If you’re interested in improving your work-life balance, this is a fantastic opportunity.

Alternatively, it can become a brand new addition to your cleaning business fleet and a new service to offer your existing clients.

The machines are easy to use and maintain – place the bin on the lift mechanism, press the button to lift, clean out the bins whilst elevated with the attached pressure washer and lower the bins with the button. Easy!

The more feedback we get, the more ideas we can work on and implement so that the final machine is perfect for the North American market. [Tweet this]

Do you have a design suggestion? Specification request? Feedback on the name?

We’ve put together a brief survey that will only take a couple minutes to complete – afterwards we’ll make sure to keep you in the loop as progress is made.

To help collaborate, take our brief survey.

If you’d like to talk to one of our experts in the office, call us on +44 (0)1246 471147 or email


  1. How do I clean my balcony's cement floor?
    pressure wash

  2. How do I clean my balcony's cement floor?
    pressure wash

    1. Hi John,

      If you give us a call on 01246 471147 one of the team will be happy to help you


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