September Newsletter

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The WashKube by Morclean

The All New WashKube has been developed by Morclean to satisfy the ever growing demand of a all-in-one, compact water capture and recycle system. Fiercely independent, it is a revolutionary new concept to water reclaim.
Unlike most water reclaim units, the WashKube requires next to no installation, and is ready to go in a flash, compared to the digging of ground and other extreme installation practises. It simply connects to a 240V standard socket, and away you go!

For high quality results, usually, a fixed system has to be installed, which cannot be moved around, and is often a lengthy (and pricey) process. The WashKube is a comparatively tiny 1 cubic metre thanks to space-saving cyclone technology, and can easily be moved from site to site, with minimal installation. It can even be operated from a vehicle or trailer, and the WashKube is not dependant of interceptors or sumps.

“But, how does it work?” I can hear you all ask. When the water is pumped into the WashKube, an initial pre-filter takes out any large debris of solids that may be present in the waste water. This water then falls into the holding tank via two more filters - through the cyclone (you can see on the picture) and secondary filters. All in all, there are FIVE processes if filtration the water passes through before being pumped back round to the wash facility, ready to clean again. Clever, eh?

Ultimate Power!

A couple of brand new videos have been uploaded to Morclean’s YouTube Channel. One of them was this - the Ultimate Power Pressure Washer! It’s a 7000dpi high pressure wash - so strong it can cut through wood!

Interceptors, Silt Traps and Pumping Chambers

We are going to have quite a few new pages on our website on the ‘Interceptors and Separators” section. Here are a few images from the new pages we have been working on. 

There will be a full comprehensive guide to help you choose the exact right tool for the job, and most of out interceptors can be actually tailor made to site-specific conditions.

Here at Morclean we want to make it as easy as possible to get the most efficient equipment to meed your exact needs.

If you have been reading the Morclean blog, you will have seen Morclean’s Nostalgic Wednesdays, a weekly post taking a look at times gone by of our business. Here are a couple of my favourites so far. The are 15 and 30 years old, respectively, and show how much times really have changed! The top one is on a farm where the machines used to be built. The bottom one is a home-made pressure wash, as they didn’t exist on the market at the time!

In Other News...

• Our Wheelie Bin Wash and Lift Video is now up and running on our YouTube Channel! (Search for Morclean to find us). There are more than one so you can get a true feel of how the machine works and looks.
• Just last week, the engineers downstairs were tasked with fitting 26 ATEX H-type vacs into just one Morclean van! En route to one of our customers in Blackburn. Of course it was successful, but it was a tight squeeze!
• Yet another humongous Interceptor had a rest in our yard last week, a 10,000 litre! Just a few tweaks and it was back on the road again. Bon Voyage!