Ye Olde Photograph

It's that time again!

A week has flown by yet again, it's time to have a look at times gone by...

Today's first photo is a nineties version of a trailer mounted high pressure washer, 3000psi. A nowadays version would be made with an inbuilt large water-tank. 

This is THE OLDEST PIC found so far. More than 30 years old, this early eighties number is a home-made petrol driven cold water high pressure cleaner.  Manufacturers did not produce machines like this at the time! (This is one you might purchase today, slightly smaller!) That's innovation for you! Lovely garden too, eh! 

Finally, to conclude this post of nostalgic wonders, here is a Now and Then shot of the building I am sitting in right now. On the right, you can see the Morclean Office as it was within the first week or so of moving in in 1995! Yard full of scrap, a rickety fence and a dodgy roof! 

On the left is a picture I took earlier today, (trust the orange van to be there!) and as you can see, nice clean spacious yard (minus the skip - were having a clear out don't you know?), stable fence and a new sturdy roof! (I think a hardy fence is needed after next door did something to the lamppost? Oops.)

That's all for now, more nostalgia next week!


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