Nostalgia Wednesday

Grab your coat, we're going for a walk down memory lane...

This little tinker was part of the workings of a Skid Mounted Hot Pressure washer - our trusty engineer Dave actually was working on it 15 years ago! Morclean engineers are extremely experienced and have invaluable experience. 

Beauty shot of a pressure wash! This was actually a strange job from about 16 or so years ago, when Morclean did contract work. A company changed their logo colour from bright orange to white, and Morclean were tasked with jetting clean all the production tanks ready to be repainted! All the staff had a nice orange tinge after the job was finished. 

Spot the old style van! This was "down on the farm"  in the early days of pressure washers. This was the norm for engineers and technicians to work from a big outdoor space like this or from outbuildings, as many dealers wouldn't have a dedicated workshop as we do now. 

I'm all nostalgia-d out! More next week.