Boxes Boxes Everywhere

Our storage area has been taken over!

 A swarm of ATEX Type H vacs are wrapped and ready to go today, heading for BAE Systems.

They previously ordered just two of the fine machine, just to test out and see how they got on with them. Sure enough, a few weeks later a huge order of 26 ATEX Type H vacuum machines have been assigned to the huge company. 

BAE Systems are a massive company, employing around 88,000 people and operate world wide.

The Morclean ATEX Type H Vacuums safely and efficiently remove harmful dust and hazardous materials. A standard vacuum could not do this as it doesn't have the complex HEPA filtration system. The machinery and friction could cause a spark, and the ATEX dissipates any static electricity. The hazardous dust has to be safely contained before it can be disposed of correctly. 

These 26 machines are due to be shipped shortly. What on earth will we do with all the spare space? Fill it right up again, I'm sure!