Little Litter Lesson

Morclean BackVac

Last month saw one of our sales team travel to a Secondary School in Surrey to demonstrate the use of Morcleans BackVac Street Vacuum Cleaner. 

As it is a large school on large grounds with hundreds of pupils and teachers coming and going, you can imagine the litter and bits and pieces that could potentially ruin the sight of the vast grounds of the school. The Morclean BackVac makes it quick and easy to remove any unsightly rubbish. The BackVac comfortably sits on the users back and allows the user to go virtually anywhere and pick up virtually any rubbish (depending on size). 

The demonstration went fantastically and a 35 ltr Morclean BackVac is now being built to order for the school as I type. 

I'm sure the school will be very happy with their purchase and their nice, clean and tidy grounds.