Nostalgic Wednesday

Today, the owner of Morclean, my boss, presented me with a stack of the one thing that always brings smiles and happy thoughts all round....yes....OLD PHOTOGRAPHS! He found a heap of these goodies in the attic, as we're having a big clear-out and tidy-up of our offices. To celebrate the bygone times I will share these glorious photo's with you once a week and hence, Nostalgic Wednesday was born! 

First up, this is a shot of the old depot in Wednesbury, East Midlands. Dated at around 15 years ago, you'd be surprised to learn one of these bunch is still soldiering on with Morclean today! Cheeky chap Dave (second from right) may have more hair and and even wider grin, but it's definitely him!
"Crikey, what a bunch!" -Peter Morley, MD

Next up, a topical one. This is one of the very first gantries Morclean ever built. The first of many! This was a job for Biffa Waste at Clowne, a town not too far away from where we are now. 

And just one more - a beauty shot of a nineties range of cold water engine driven high pressure cleaners. Well they look a bit different nowadays...