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Earlier this week, our demo guru, Keith, took one of the Morclean VapourSteam units to one of the top leading confectioneries for delivery and demonstration/ staff training....

 Keith reports that his entrance to the production area was very strict, with an introductory video and test, a health and safety feature to protect the sanitation and hygiene within the department. The VapourSteam machine (pictured above pre-delivery in the Morclean warehouse) will be used to clean the catering machinery, production line and may also be used for sterilising floors and fridges. 

Unfortunately, Keith forgot to visit the factory outlet shop on his way out. Keith is making his own tea in the office this week!

More on Morclean's Steam Cleaners

The Morclean Pro range of Steam Generators produces saturated steam at an average temperature of 175ÂșC. Because of this, paired with the high pressure these machines produce, they negate the use of chemicals and are ideal for cleaning surfaces to a hygienic grade effectively.
This makes them perfect for use in catering and food processing and they are ideal for cleaning kitchen equipment, fridges, freezers, tiled floors etc. They are also commonly used in the pharmaceutical, mechanical and building industries, although they have many other versatile applications.

These machines are extremely cost effective and energy efficient. Some models have the added bonus of an integral vacuum cleaner. This ensures that surfaces are left clean and sanitised but also dry and less prone to slippage.

Morclean's steam cleaners, providing a large amount of over saturated steam, will hygienically clean all surfaces. There are no applications or restrictions on how the steam cleaners unit could be used however the steam cleaners are mostly utilised for cleaning and sterilising floors and tiles, catering equipment and kitchens including fridges and freezers and engineering applications.

Steam Cleaners cut through grease
Steam Cleaning to eradicate bacteria

Steam Cleaner Features

High temperature steam will clean and disinfect any surface by breaking down and melting grease and oil and resulting residue can be removed with an integral vacuum cleaner or with cloths. A 90% reduction of the amount of disinfectant used and a 70% reduction in the use of detergent can be expected. Production of waste water is significantly diminished as the steam cleaners use only 2.5L of water in an hour. The zero use of chemicals, disinfectants and detergents reduces dramatically the amount of pollution to be disposed of responsibly, saving up to 30% of all important time.

Conventional methods of cleaning

The combination of tensioactive ingredients and water constitutes the conventional method of cleaning. Dirt however can lurk hidden from the naked eye in tiny cracks and holes in the surface allowing bacteria to breed and the sense of security created by a freshly washed worktop can be a false one.

To clean by Morclean steam

The water molecules of high temperature steam terminates the dirt that other conventional cleaning cannot reach, killing bacteria and breaking down grease. The residue can then be washed away with water and micro-fibre material and all waste is 100% biogradable. As steam cleaning will remove all organic material this deters bacteria from regaining a foothold.

More information can be found via the Morclean website HERE

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Clare Gaffoor
Morclean Marketing

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