Custom Plus Bin Wash Machine Sailing its Way to the Land of Fire and Ice!

An Icelandic firm based in Reykjavík recently placed an order for our Custom Plus Bin Wash machine, which is now out for shipping. 

A pioneer in providing approved safety equipment, personal protective equipment, and workwear for employees throughout Iceland, the company also provides sales and services of equipment for the construction and shipping industry. 

It's encouraging to know that our and brand and industrial cleaning product range is reaching countries far and wide.

So what is it about the Custom Plus that makes it so sought after?

Aside from how cost-effective this ergonomic machine is, its Honda driven engine and its 6-stage filtration system take it clean above the competition. Galvanised heavy-gauge steel chassis and durable components ensure a long service life, while its 350L Baffled water tank of recycled water provides a full day's work.

The Custom Plus effortlessly lifts two bins at the touch of a button, and can also be used as a portable pressure washer for driveway, patio, and decking cleaning!

Check it out for yourself here (for the petrol version) or here for the diesel model), or telephone us on 01246 471147 to enquire, or email us at