Morclean Wash Pad Projects Flying High

We're delighted to announce that we have another exciting new project starting at the beginning of November, for an organisation based in Salisbury that undertakes military aircraft testing and evaluation, for washing down Corba Fire Vehicles!

The finished project, which is planned for Mid-November, will include the installation of a Morclean Silt Trap and 3-Stage Interceptor.

We're taking this project straight from site survey, design, and proposal, all the way through to supply, install, and handover.

Morclean to saw cut, excavate and lay a 10m curbed wash. We will then install a sump and pump and lay concrete slab to the falls. Next comes the installation of an above-ground interceptor, alongside a bowser jet wash, and 2 hose reels and user posts.

Click on the following links if you're interested in viewing our past and most current project portfolios.

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