BinWash Static- New Model

So we have a new Model to add to our popular and award winning BinWash range, BinWash Static, we delivered one to a hospital last week see this post. 

After showing you one being delivered and set up last week, this post is to give you more information into the features of the BinWash Static. 

So as with all Morclean products this BinWash is very robust and efficient, fitted with automated bin lift and water recycling as standard.
The static model is designed to be fixed at one location or bin wash depot. 

Simply locate the wheelie bin onto the lifting mechanism at the rear of the machine, press one button and the bin is lifted.

Once elevated, the Morclean system drains the bin into a catchment tray at the same time it is being washed - in one simple process. Water is filtered and ready to re-use throughout the day.
As you can see below the detailed spec for the BinWash Static range;

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