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TheThermaSteam 350X

The ThermaSteam 350X from Morclean generates super heated steam to provide a brand new, easier method of car cleaning. With an ThermaSteam 350X you can now steam clean a car without using the volumes of water a typical jet wash produces. With the Thermasteam 350X you can clean your whole car with just ONE litre of water, yet it uses LESS power than your kettle.

The machine produces great results as it cleans using 100psi of super heated steam. The steam can also be mixed with high-pressure water for extra stubborn dirt. It’s really easy to control and with the long reach handle you can get in all the hard to clean areas. With a heating up time of just two minutes and a  continous fill water tank, this really is a remarkable piece of equipment. The machine itself is wipe clean, and it’s ultra-low run off so is very cost-effective and energy-efficient.