Morclean Are Older Than You Think...

A lot of people, due to the popularity of our new machines such as the Binwash machine and the Single Brush Vehicle Wash, appear to assume that Morclean is a relatively new company. Although we've only begun exhibiting and exporting fairly recently, Morclean has actually been trading since the 1970's would you believe!

Morclean was founded in the 1970's and has been growing since then

That's way before the likes of Minecraft, Mario Brothers and even Pacman... They may look old, but actually, we trump the lot of them... why? Because we've evolved with the times.

Like many other successful companies, Apple, Starbucks and Microsoft were all founded in the 1970's. So, who's stood the test of time?

Well, it's pretty clear from our Morclean Pixel Art that Morclean has moved with the times and not stood still in a time-warp. If we did, we probably wouldn't be here today. Instead, Morclean has developed, expanded, changed and moulded itself into the business you see today. 

So rest assured that although we look all shiny and new, we're actually older than you think, which means our team can offer fantastic knowledge and experience and advise our customers accordingly. 

If you want to see just how much we've evolved in the last 30+ years, you can find us next month at the Excel, London for The Cleaning Show 2015... we're at Stand A11 between 10th and 12th March with our award winning Bin wash machine!