Morclean Supply Salt Water Jet Wash to North Sea Helipads

Morclean delighted to supply a number jet wash machines to North Sea Helipads for the very first time.  

The Morclean jet wash machines are currently being tested so all being well, the machines can be installed at other pads and bases too.

The Helipads are based in the northern and southern areas of the North Sea, and are required to fulfill the brief of a jet wash capable of using sea water due to the location.

The off shore / marine salt water pressure washers are being used to clean the pads for landing. Due to the location of the pads, they often get covered in seagull and other sea birds debris causing a slip hazard. With the salt water pressure washers, this can now be avoided.

The Morclean jet washers are specially built for use with salt water; normally salt water would deteriorate a normal pump in a normal jet wash, so these machines have to be made to specification. They are built especially for the marine and offshore locations and are built with brakes and lifting eyes.

The new machines will be airlifted on site next week.

For further information, please visit out website or call us freephone on 0800 1300 402.

Morclean also supply comprehensive spares and service support packages.