Pump It Up

Work in Progress

New Wash Area and Pumping Chamber

Took a little trip yesterday to the Highways Agency site, where they've been getting on with installing a Morclean pumping chamber and tank to use with a wash bay for the cleaning of their large vehicles. Above you can see some shots from a few weeks ago. Things have come a long way now!
They have employed this method of water disposal as there is no drainage available to them on their location, so this was the most viable option for this particular case. As you can see, there is a large designated surface for the large lorries to drive onto when in need of a good clean.

Large Lorry

Large Area and Tiered Gantry

 The tiered gantry allows thorough cleaning in all the hard to reach spots of the tall vehicles. The wash bay is slightly dipped, so the water leads down to the middle and is captured in the silt trap.

From there, the water is taken to the Morclean pumping chamber, which is underneath THIS grate. 

When required, this pumping chamber pumps the water up an incline into a hefty over ground tank, where the dirty water is safely stored. When this tank is full, they will take it to where they can carefully and legally dispose of the dirty water, like the Local Water Authority.

And there we have it! One successfully installed package of a wash bay, gantry and pumping chamber. Phew!

Morclean do all sorts of different installations and bespoke fittings, like this and across a number of other Highways Agency sites across the UK. Get in touch for a talk with our extremely knowledgeable sales team: 0800 1300 402 or info@morlcean.com.