Sweep the Floor

Floor Sweepers in Every Shape and Size

Last month saw a lovely garden centre in York purchasing a floor sweeper from Morclean.  

Our walk-behind floor sweepers are really easy to manoeuvre and come in all different sized widths, so you can get one the exact right size for the area that needs a good sweep!

We do a range of different walk behind sweepers - petrol engine driven or electric driven. They are best for medium sized surfaces, like warehouses, foot paths and smaller outdoor areas. The brushes provided work well on any surface, but for extra heavy duty cleaning work more hardy brushes are available. We even do ride-on sweepers, suitable for larger areas, which you can see a  separate blog post on here.

As always, for more details see our website. For any advice on sweepers (there are many to choose from!) please contact us at info@morclean.com or give us a bell for free on 0800 1300 402.