Morclean Autumn/Winter 2014 Newsletter


Autumn/Winter 2014

Morclean Wins Green Apple Award

On 10th November 2014 Morclean collected a national environmental award for their Binwash City, from the Houses of Parliament. 

Morclean scooped the prestigious Green Apple Award for Environmental Best Practice at a ceremony at the Houses of Parliament in London, for their battery operated wheelie bin-cleaning machine.

Morclean launched the first Wheelie Bin Cleaning Machine as a petrol version in late 2012; due to the popularity of the first range of machines, Morclean have been developing a brand new, innovative battery operated bin-cleaning machine since. The City battery machine is a totally new idea in the bin cleaning industry and takes huge steps forward to improve what is currently available. With worldwide emphases on green and eco-friendly products, the Binwash City offers a sustainable, eco-friendly alternative to those conscious about their carbon footprint. 
Morclean Director, Peter Morley, said “We wanted to develop and launch a product that the environmentally minded love, a concept that operators want to be part of, a machine that turns heads and offers more than just necessity and compliance.”

The Binwash City is a battery operated wheelie bin wash cleaning machine, capable of cleaning two bins at any one time. It takes all the hassle out of bin cleaning, as this handy machine fits onto a tow bar and can be towed by most vehicles. It also lifts the bins for you with its hydraulic lift system, meaning all you do is hook the bin on and clean it with the high-pressure hose attached. The bin cleaning machines make the perfect start up business package with no franchise, and the opportunity to earn up to £160,000 per year from just one machine.

Peter went on to say, “The aim was to develop a smarter product that moves into a new direction as opposed to re-working the systems currently available.”

“The new CITY was developed so that Morclean could provide a totally new concept, which we feel is an extremely innovative and product that will reduce fuel, costs and C02 emission.”

“We consider that this is an even better solution for the whole industry than what was previously available in the market place - both from ourselves and our competitors.”

Like many bin wash machines on the market today, recycling water and saving energy was  a requirement rather than an innovation. Morclean felt that machines were making savings for reasons of necessity, legislation and profit as opposed to being totally innovative. So, they tried to excel and improve the machines totally powered from batteries instead of an engine.

Morclean would like to thank the Green Apple Awards for their recognition in what is a niche market sector. The awards were well attended and a great night was had by all; we hope the Binwash City is as well received as our original, petrol driven Bin Wash machine.

Single Brush Mobile Vehicle Wash - NEW to Morclean

The Glide and Drive models are mobile single brush vehicle wash machines manufactured within a sturdy stainless steel housing. The models are designed to not only make vehicle washing easier, but is also a cost effective and  environmentally friendly alternative to the large industrial 3 brush  vehicle wash systems
This user-friendly alternative has built-in water saving jets that ensure little waste; saving you valuable cleaning time in the process.
To operate, the operator pushes the machine along the vehicle so the machine can reach all parts of the vehicle. 

For more information on the mobile vehicle wash machines, or for further specifications on the different models, please visit our website.

Alternatively, you can give us a call on freephone 0800 1300 402 where a member of our sales team will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Morclean Opens In Rotterdam, Netherlands

We're delighted to announce that Morclean now operates from a European hub and service centre in the Netherlands, as well as from our UK base in Staveley, Chesterfield.

The distribution hub, which opened on 1st July 2014, will be established to sell, service and distribute the new range of trailer mounted bin washing machines throughout Europe.

Based about one hour from Rotterdam, the outlet will also provide after sales service for industrial vacuum cleaners, vapour steam cleaners and high pressure jetters

The office and warehouse will be situated at the Hoffstraat industrial area in Dordrecht.