November Newsletter

Welcome to Morclean’s monthly newsletter.

We aim to bring you the very latest news from Morclean, and keep you up to date on new products and developments. Please contact us for any information on anything mentioned in the newsletter or general enquiries on 0800 1300 402 or email at

Little Interceptor

This mini-interceptor was needed for an INTERCEPTOR EMERGENCY! A company were installing a vehicle wash station, and they were let down by their original supplier. By a stroke of luck, Morclean had exactly what the needed, in such short notice. It was dropped of in our yard, and then immediately taken away to be installed before the projects looming deadline. If you need an interceptor, no matter how big or small, don’t hesitate to contact Morclean for solid advice.

Morclean SALE!

Here at Morclean, we sell the most up-to-date machinery you can buy for industrial cleaning, for the best prices around. Every now and again, we like to offer our customers EVEN MORE of a good deal, by offering our ex-demo, reconditioned and used machines at incredibly low prices. 

All our Discount machines will be as good as new, as we take utmost care whenever demonstrating the machines. We will be posting these machines on our blog and website, so keep your peepers peeled!

I’m sure you all did something sensationally spooky this Halloween. In case you missed it, here is our frightfully fantastic Morclean blog logo. Do you have an idea for a theme we could design? Let us know!


Halloween weekend saw the very first Spookfest which took place in Matlock.

It was a huge success, and Morclean were proud to be sponsors of such a great family event! Everyone came in style, putting in huge effort with the costumes, and face paints galore! There was a stage that featured many great local artists and bands, that continued well into the night. The beautiful Hall Leys Park was gleaming with autumn colours, and excitement of Halloween was very much in the air!

Many thanks to the dedicated organisers of the event, and to all the people who came to the event and made the day fun! And to our very own Peter Morley, who supervised the security of the event to ensure it all ran smoothly.

Thank you to Lynn Sheperd of Matlock People for the lovely photographs. To find more fantastic photos of the event, please visit the official Matlock People website.

A Wash Bay Combi interceptor has just left the workshop, en route to Sutton-in-Ashfield, delivered in person by our dedicated engineers.

Our combination wash bay interceptors provide both 2 stages of settlement within the interceptor as well as a galvanised silt trap grating and sump. This means only one item has to be purchased instead of both a silt trap and an interceptor. Smart!

In Other News...
• Morclean sold three ATEX approved Vacuum cleaners to a bakery in Stoke-on-Trent, for the safe removal of flour, sugars and milk powders, which are potential flash hazards.
• Morclean won a small battle with a recruitment company who had not acted professionally and efficiently with us. Stand up to giants, don’t get put off with threats of action! Read the full story, by our MD Peter Morley, on the Morclean Blog.
• We currently have a Type H 10 Ltr Vacuum, refurbished and recertified, for a bargain price of £250.00 plus VAT. Contact us if you are interested in this great deal! Check the website and blog for more brilliant bargain machines.