Vapour Steam Demonstration

Hotel Vapour Steam Demonstration

A local hotel in Chesterfield is now the proud owner of a Morclean Vapour Steam VP3600.  A member of our knowledgeable sales team, Keith, went to deliver the machine himself and to give a detailed demonstration on how to safely use the machine to it's full potential. This training service comes as standard with all of our machines bought within the UK. 

The machine in question, the VP3600, is a fantastic piece of kit, which can turn any kitchen into a spotless haven in hardly any time at all, with none of the elbow grease! There are numerous different fittings, heads and brushes that can be slotted onto the multifunctional machine and can adapt to any sort of cleaning you could find in a hotel. 

Using steam is a particularly hygienic way of cleaning, creating a sterile environment, as the heat of the steam kills off all known bacteria. The machines require no harmful or expensive chemicals, as the pressure and temperature of the steam can lift off even the toughest of grease and grime. The vacuum aspect of the machine just picks up all of the dirt you are removing straight into the removable container on the machines base to easily dispose of. 

The beauty of the Vapour Steam machine is that it can be used not just in the kitchen, but all over the hotel. The Vapour Steam is amazingly versatile, and will also be very beneficial to the housekeeping department, as it can help clean the many bathrooms all over the hotel. There is even a special fitting that allows the easy cleaning of soft furnishings and carpets. 

Bar staff can also use the Vapour Steam on the floor and surfaces after a heavy night of beer and alcohol spillage. Sticky floors are a thing of the past! 

Keith is even going to go back to the hotel next week to do another training session for the staff that could not make it today. Health and safety is very important when dealing with such high temperatures, so Morlcean like to make sure that our customers are well looked after, and are confident and well trained to use the Vapour Steam. 

If you would like a cleaner kitchen with less effort, an easier way to clean the bathroom, or if you are just a sufferer of sticky floors, get in touch and see the great range of Vapour Steam machines we have to offer at the best prices.

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