The Pink Cake Box

Cake and Cuppa Time

At Morclean, we like to champion local businesses, and this is a very enjoyable one to have a look at! It might make you peckish though. Don't say I didn't warn you!

The Pink Cake Box is based in Matlock, and is home to a variety of stunning creations! 

Rose, the company owner, bakes her cakes from organic locally sourced ingredients, and uses the best flavourings possible to make the cakes extra tasty. She has developed her own personal recipes over the years to make the cakes taste delicious as well as look beautiful. 

The Pink Cake Box caters for every occasion, and custom designs the cakes to anything you desire! Football fans birthday? Got it. Vintage style wedding? Got it. Golfers eightieth? Got it. A wonderfully decorated box of cupcakes for no good reason other than they are yummy and shaped like The Muppets? YES. 

Just having a peruse of The Pink Cake Box's lovely website, you can see how creative the cakes are, and just how there really is no limit! Whatever idea you have for the special occasion,  Rose will work closely with you to make a deign that is purely unique. 

The Blog is also really interesting, with updates on the cakes that have been created recently, and you can fully see the scope and scale of what can be made, and it can give you some great ideas for your next gathering or event. (I am making an excuse up for a party right now so we can have CAKE!) 

On a sesonal note, it is Christmas coming up, so how about a Christmas Cake with a difference? 

Visit The Pink Cake Box's website for more information, and quell your sugary cravings in the most fun way.