The Benefits of Using an Industrial Sweeper Over the Traditional Broom

While the cost of a broom is minimal compared to the upfront cost of purchasing an industrial floor sweeper, there’s no denying the long-term cost-saving, time-saving, and overall benefits that this type of investment will bring.

Don't just sweep things under the carpet...

Sweeping with a broom can deliver inconsistent results using a great deal of physical effort. Dust and debris cannot be effectively controlled with a broom, not to mention that fine dust cannot be removed completely. The area normally needs to be swept again and again, and the waste then collected and placed into some type of receptacle.

Moreover, a single worker would struggle to clean large warehouses, rooms, and floors alone, especially if there were time constraints or they were getting paid by the hour. The common solution would be to increase the number of cleaning staff but this, in turn, would increase manpower costs and may even pose logistical issues.

Do a clean sweep...

A ride-on or push-along floor sweeper, on the other hand, can do the job of a team of workers in much less time, and only requires one person to operate the machine. 

Sweeping with an industrial floor sweeper always delivers consistent results. Dust is suppressed and collected inside the machine, producing a much higher standard of cleaning, while physical effort is reduced dramatically, leaving more time to perform other tasks. Additionally, the sweeper will most likely end up doing a far better job of removing dirt and floor dust.

Morclean’s new range of sweepers is perfect for industrial and commercial floors, including concrete, marbled, vinyl, terrazzo, tiled, stone, and slate surfaces.

From compact, medium, or large floor sweepers, through to walk-behind and ride-on models, our machines are available to purchase at competitive prices, or to hire on short or long-term rent periods. Please just get in touch with our sales team directly to discuss rental and finance options on 01246 471147, or email, or visit our industrial floor cleaning machines webpage to find out more about our wide range of floor care systems.