Morclean's NEW Custom 8 - the Only Bin Wash on the Market with 8 Stages of Water Filtration

 We are delighted to share with you our latest product launch, the all-new Custom 8 Bin Wash system!

The Custom 8 has been designed for those of you that are looking to grow or expand your business, or update your current machine.

With 6-Stage Water Filtration, as standard - which our best-selling Custom Plus is well-renowned for - the Custom 8 Bin Wash prides itself on two further stages of water filtration...

The model's new top tray filter offers the 7th stage of water filtration and a mesh bag that sits inside the machine now provides the 8th stage.

The machines new LED backlights and LED beacon, with their low heat levels, offer a longer life span, making them more are more energy efficient than other bulbs, while the Custom 8's new wheel trims provide the machine with the ultimate protection and give it an aesthetically pleasing finish.

The Custom 8 bin wash machine can also be used as a portable pressure washer for driveway, patio, and decking cleaning, and boasting 8 stages of water filtration, the Custom 8 is the only bin wash on the market that provides this level of water purification.

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