If The Writings On The Wall, Thermsteam Can Remove It All

While graffiti is a statement of expression for some, for others it is an unwanted, unsightly mess. Deeply ingrained paint is one of the toughest things to remove from walls, buildings and alleyways. Porous surfaces such as brick and stone tend to absorb solvent-based spray paints, which usually require pressure washing or sandblasting to remove the offending artwork.
Paint thinners and chemicals seem like a cheap and tempting alternative to the above methods, however, they tend to spread the paint and make exacerbate the problem, whereas many narrow tipped pressure jet washers can leave a visible outline of the graffiti, and sandblasters can permanently mark the surface if the tip isn't moved over the graffiti constantly.

This is why our Thermasteam trailer mounted steam cleaner and hot water jet wash stands head and shoulders above the competition.

The revolutionary ThermaSteam removes graffiti quickly and easily without the need for using harmful chemicals and solvents, whilst requiring much less water than a traditional jet wash. Soft washing with steam in this way means that the brick or stone is unaffected by the jet of water, reducing the risk of patches or stripes. Nor does it erode the brickwork or stone after the paint has been removed. 

The benefits of using the ThermaSteam system for graffiti removal are as follows:

• Low water usage, steam uses much less water than a traditional high-pressure cleaner
• Solvent and chemical-free, the wastewater is not contaminated with aggressive or toxic products
• Paint disintegrates due to thermal shock and is removed from the surface
• Softer washing of brick or stone surface than a traditional high pressure
• Fast and efficient cleaning, a significant reduction in time and labour
• Reduces striping or clean patches around where the paint was applied
• Less back pressure which reduces strain and the ‘recoil’ effect

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