Corrosion Resistant Salt Water Pressure Washing for Offshore and Marine Environments

Saltwater pressure washers are designed for use primarily within the marine, shipping, oil and gas industries. Specifically built for use with saltwater, these machines need to function in corrosion inducing environments.

The corrosion of machine parts is likely to occur when grease, grime detergent, and minerals are present. The saltwater passing through the pump would normally damage the pump and internal pipework on a standard machine, while the cover and frame of the machine would struggle to withstand the elements also.

Another feature of the saltwater pressure washer is its ability to utilize salt water to eliminate much of the heavier layers of dirt from hard surfaces. This ensures that no salts or minerals remain on the surface, which may eventually lead to corrosion. 

Morclean’s wide range of saltwater pressure washers, that come in either mobile or stationary versions, are designed to be anti-corrosive. Built on a bespoke basis, these machines are configured with additional stainless-steel valves and covers, which prevents corrosion and increases the longevity of the machine.

Saltwater pressure washers can only be used with cold water, and our models include electrically driven (240V, 110V or 415V) or engine-driven (petrol or diesel).

Applications include shipping, off-shore, marine, fishing vessels and oil platforms, and more.

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